ACOPOS 6D平面磁悬浮输送系统

入选理由:平面磁悬浮输送系统是当前制造领域的前沿技术,设计目的是为应对越来越复杂产品个性化、多品种的组装需求。贝加莱ACOPOS 6D平面磁悬浮是融合平面磁悬浮、智能调度、建模仿真而构建的产线物料输送及加工的输送系统。改变原有加工对象在机械输送中的约束,由动子携带其按照所需按照路径加工,且6个自由度的运动简化了复杂的机械系统设计,可达微米定位精度。ACOPOS 6D使整个组装线可通过数字孪生实现早期验证,并将生产任务被“编程”,实现按需加工,适用于电子、医疗器械、日化等个性化产品复杂的应用场景。

Planar magnetic levitation transportation systems, as a cutting-edge technology in current manufacturing industry, are designed to satisfy the assembly demands of increasingly complicated and characterized products in various categories. B&R’s ACOPOS 6D Planar Magnetic Levitation Transportation System is constructed for the transmission and processing of production line materials, based on the integration of planar magnetic levitation, intelligent scheduling and modeling and simulation technology. With the constraints exerted by original mechanical conveying lifted, the objects are now carried by active cells and processed by path, as the 6-DOF movement simplifies the complex design of the mechanic system and achieves micron-level positioning accuracy. ACOPOS 6D enables early verification of a whole assembly line by digital twin, “programs” the manufacturing tasks to achieve on-demand processing, and is, therefore, applicable to complex application scenarios of electronic, medical, daily chemical and other characterized products.
Planar Magnetic Levitation, Flexible Manufacturing, Intelligent Scheduling, Digital Twins