FMS 多托盘柔性系统及解决方案

芬发自动化多托盘柔性系统应用在多品种、小批量机加制造领域。柔性系统的中枢 MMS软件,高度集成生产资源,实现不同机床间的生产资源共享,使任何机床都能加工所有订单;实时生成 KPI 报表,生产管理透明且高效;系统可提前 72 小时预告缺失的物料或刀具,提醒及时补充,赋能熄灯生产和周末无人生产;发生停机时,可明确定位故障点,减少故障排除时间和工作量,将机床闲置时间降至最低;符合人体工程学的装载站及控制台,以及足够多容量的立体库和可灵活配置的装载高度,可适配各种尺寸及空间的加工车间或工厂。
Fastems’ Flexible Manufacturing System with multiple pallets handling (FMS) is used in high-mix-low volume machining industry. The central MMS software of the flexible system highly integrates production resources and enables resources sharing among different machine tools, so that any one of them is capable of processing all the orders. KPI reports are generated in real time, ensuring transparent and efficient production management. The FMS system can predict running-out items 72 hours in advance and generate reminders for replenishment, enabling lights-off production and unmanned production on weekends. When a shutdown occurs, the fault location can be clearly identified to reduce troubleshooting time and workload and minimize the idle time of machine tool. The system also has ergonomic loading stations and console, capacious storage and flexibly configurable loading height, and processing workshops or factories adaptable to various sizes and spaces
机加柔性自动化,多品种、小批量机加生产 , 熄灯生产和无人化生产
Flexible Manufacturing System for Metal Cutting Machining, High-mix-low-volume Machining and Manufacturing, Lights out and Unmanned Manufacturing