入选理由:SNCnew是西门子首座基于数字化企业概念从零打造的工厂,采用全系列数字化解决方案,在建造前即在数字世界中完成了规划、仿真和优化。SNCnew 有机结合了工厂数据、产线数据、绩效数据甚至建筑模型等数据以实现完整的数字孪生,从而大幅提高工厂的生产效率和绩效,使其成为西门子在德国之外最大的 CNC 控制器、驱动器以及电机的研发和制造中心。同时,SNCnew原生数字化工厂按照LEED绿色建筑金奖标准建设,坚持可持续发展理念,将数字化与前沿技术融合创新,应用了多项国际先进的低碳环保技术。

 As the first Siemens factory built entirely upon the concept of a “digital enterprise” from scratch, SNCnew has adopted a whole-series digital solution and fully accomplished its planning, simulation and optimization in the digital world before construction. Improving the performance and efficiency was possible by combining factory data, production line data, performance data and even the building information to create a complete Digital Twin of the new factory, making it Siemens’s largest R&D and manufacturing center outside of Germany for CNC systems, drives, and electric motors. Meanwhile, the digital native factory SNCnew has been built to meet the Gold Level requirements of LEED certification, uphold the philosophy of sustainable development, and integrate digitalization and cutting-edge technology in innovation, with multiple advanced international low-carbon environment-friendly technologies applied.
Digital Twin, Digital Transformation, Sustainable Growth